Best Smart Weighing Scales in India – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Once upon a time, we had manual scales to check our weights. It was so hard, especially for me to gauge it, and the levers would keep going back and forth. I would always end up being anxious if I weighed a kilo extra (Don’t deny, I know you felt it too!)

Now, there is a scale that can analyze your body fitness, just like a smartphone app or a fitness band! It’s called the Smart Weighing Scale! Yes, you read that, right!

What is a Smart Weighing Scale?

Smart Weighing Scales are technologically advanced weighing scales that are digitized. Apart from that alone, they have many other features, such as indicating your Body mass index (BMI), water content, fat levels, and additional information. This information can speak volumes about your body and fitness.

It is good to invest in smart weighing scales that can indicate crucial information that your body needs, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast.

You can always integrate them with your smartphones and sync it to manage your fitness goals. It is a sure-fire way to reach all your fitness goals.

If you are not sure of which type of weighing scale you should buy, then I suggest you read my article on Analog VS Digital VS Smart Weighing Scale – The Ultimate Comparison

7 Best Smart Weighing Scales in India


Dr.Trust Smart Connect Weighing Scale
  • Weighing Range: 5 KG – 150 KG
  • Warranty: 1 Years

MI Body Composite Scale
  • Weighing Range: 5 KG – 150 KG
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Hesley Smart Weighing Scale
  • Weighing Range: 5 KG – 180 KG
  • Warranty: 3 Months
ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Scale
  • Weighing Range: 5 KG – 180 KG
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Powermax Body Composition Analyzer
  • Weighing Range: 5 KG – 180 KG
  • Warranty: NA
Lenovo Smart Weighing Scale
  • Weighing Range: 5 KG – 180 KG
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Sansui Electronics Body Composition Scale
  • Weighing Range: 5 KG – 200 KG
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Dr.Trust Smart Connect Weighing Scale

Dr. Trust’s smart weighing scale is an excellent machine for those who are looking for rechargeable batteries! Also, this machine offers many other fantastic features for its price. This consists of two modes- a normal mode and a sport mode. Many users trust this brand for their quality smart weighing scales. Read the main features to learn more.

Features of Dr.Trust Smart Connect Weighing Scale:

  • It comes with patented Accu-gauge technology. This smart weighing scale has precision gauge sensors that can display accurate results.
  • The display is an LED screen that is easy to read and shows reliable readings.
  • You can sync your data to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Also, one more feature is that it comes with a free app called “okok,” which can be downloaded for iOS or Android devices from the play store.
  • The scale comes with a USB cable for charging. You can charge once, and use it for many months!
  • The best part of this tool is that many members can keep track of their body metrics and tracking is easier on this device by just selecting the user’s profile!
  • Strong and sturdy material, tempered glass
  • USFDA approved
  • Accurate can take up to 180 kgs
  • Rechargeable with automatic on/off system
  • 1 Year warranty
  • 11 body measurements
  • Not many drawbacks were found, although many customers have returned their products due to issues in calibration and error in giving the actual weights.

MI Body Composite Scale

Mi Weighing MachineThis product, MI body composite scale, is a fantastic machine that can analyze your body composition, which is so far only limited to weight loss centers. This scale is worth the purchase for maintaining your fitness!

This smart scale comes with a very robust internal system and a compact design.

Also, the quality of the product is so good! It is easy to use, light-weight, and durable with a sleek white body frame. MI body composite scale gives you a real picture of your body fitness and health.

Features of MI Body Composite Scale:

  • You can track your weight, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, body fat, water content, and other beneficial information.
  • The polished glass has an anti-skid coat to prevent falling.
  • It also houses complex algorithms and BIA sensors for body fat, water content analysis.
  • It syncs your data with Mi Fit giving varied characteristics of your body, and results are easy to analyze.
  • It can withstand up to 150kgs.
  • Value for money due to advanced features, great quality and its brand name
  • Stylish and classic body frame
  • Accuracy is a pretty cool feature
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries, and no batteries included.
  • Comes with no instruction manual
  • The white body can quickly get dirty
  • People with pacemakers must consult physicians before use.

Hesley Smart Weighing Scale

hesley-smart-weighing-scaleNot all of us can spend an excessive amount of cash on a smart weighing scale. For people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on an intelligent weighing machine, this scale is for you!

It is Light-weight, sturdy, and with the number of features it is offering for the price. This is one of the best smart weighing scales and is a must-buy for people looking to maintain their body and fitness at a nominal rate!

Features of Hesley Smart Weighing Scale:

  • This machine weighs almost 1 Kg, stylish, and sleek.
  • The surface has tempered glass and sturdy bottom with plastic.
  • It comes along with a one-year warranty
  • It Uses 2 AAA batteries.
  • This smart weighing machine measures ten different metrics and stores up to 8 profiles
  • The application that comes along with it is free to download from any app store.
  • Affordable
  • Sleek, light-weight
  • Can withstand weights
  • Accurate and automatic calibration
  • Certified and trusted brand
  • This smart weighing scale does not support third-party apps

ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Scale

ActiveX Savvy is one of the best smart weighing scales in India currently. If you love black, I’m sure you would like to get your hands on this weighing machine. It is also easy to operate. This smart weighing scale has instant- step on results, and with versatile features sets it apart from its competitors.

Features of ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Scale:

  • It has a compact, sleek, and stylish with an attractive charcoal black body.
  • This smart weighing machine comes with a one-year warranty that doesn’t emit radiations, thus safe for the human body.
  •  It connects via Bluetooth to other devices and measures BMI, BMR, bone mass and fat, etc.
  • Also, many people can use this device by creating their profiles.
  • It also comes along with several energy-saving options. It also has advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to calculate water content and further estimate body fat and mass.
  • This device is responsive and accurate.
  • Compact, sleek and stylish
  • Emits safe radiation
  • Comes with AAA batteries inside
  • Can gauge 13 parameters
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • The only main drawback is that weights of the same object keep differing at different intervals.

Powermax Body Composition Analyzer

This device is a great buy and pairs with smartphones using Bluetooth. Compact, light, and classic, it shows varied details about your body such as BMI, BMR, muscle mass, etc.

It has over 12-13 metrics that can be tracked over time.

Powermax smart weighing scale uses the Bioimpedance technology to measure various components such as body mass, bone mass, etc.

Features of Powermax Body Composition Analyzer:

  • It can support unlimited users, and the plus point is that it can auto-detect every person.
  • With a clear and crisp LED display, it is a hassle-free device with tempered glass on its surface.
  • It can measure up to 13 key body metrics.
  • You can sync it with any apps provided in the Appstore/play store.
  • It is also certified by various authorities, such as FDA, CE, FCC, etc.
  • It has an auto on/off power system.

This smart weighing scale can also backup all your data in the cloud that can be stored securely.

  • The price is worth the features
  • Keeps a history of your body metrics
  • Certified and trusted
  • Auto-detects a person stepping on it
  • Unlimited profiles can be set up
  • 13 body measurements and metrics
  • Not Recommended to be used by people with heart ailments, pregnant people due to the sensors
  • Also, the surface is not anti-skid or water-resistant. Make sure you step on it when your foot is dry

Lenovo Smart Weighing Scale

This smart weighing scale looks fab for a weighing scale. It features a glass top that you can step over and a Lenovo badge at the center. The bottom is plastic. It gives you the body score based on the content of water, fat, and muscle in your body. High precision sensors present in this device set this apart from other smart scales as they can give accurate and consistent measurements.

Features of the Lenovo Smart Weighing Scale:

  • The HS10 has many sensors on its scale.
  • The display is only visible after you step on it.
  • The glass which you step on is durable and tempered. The metrics show you accurate details to improve your health.
  • High precision sensors help to get precise results.
  • Also, different sensors on the smart scale can calculate your BMI, BMR, Body fat and water content, bone, and muscle weight.
  • It can withstand load up to 180 Kg.
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Tempered glass to step on
  • LED display is bright
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries only
  • Many users had a hard time syncing with apps
  • Also, certain information is not accurate, and in turn, BIA doesn’t work properly

Sansui Electronics Body Composition Scale

This smart weighing scale allows you to measure 17 body metrics, such as BMI, fat, muscle, protein content in your body, and more. It can sync with the Smart mobile app to analyse your body metrics for keeping you healthy and fit. Sansui Electronics smart weighing machine can be used from 5kgs to 200kgs weight, and of any age group too.

Features of Sansui Electronics Body Composition Scale:

  • It can weigh people up to 200kgs.
  • It has auto on and off the facility to conserve power.
  • Sansui smart scale offers BIA technology, along with a good LED display and tempered glass surface.
  • It comes along with a 1-year warranty.
  • Weighs about 1.5 kgs, has an attractive design and black body frame.
  • AiFit app that is compatible with this scale can store body metrics and data of 8 persons.
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Accurate measurements
  • 17 body specifications
  • Power-saving auto cut-off option
  • Easy syncing of data to analyse results
  • Stores data of 8 people, so your whole family can use
  • I could not find any drawbacks with this device, except for being a bit over-priced.
  • Weight of the machine may be a concern for people looking to carry it around, perhaps

What features to look for in a Smart Weighing Scale?

Whenever you go shopping for a smart weighing scale, keep in mind the following to find the best smart weighing scale:

Weight and Dimensions: Look for a scale that is compact and portable. You don’t want to end up carrying a heavy load that occupies all your luggage space and is uneasy about moving around.

Connections: Make sure you can sync all your data using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Wi-Fi connection is more preferred for more significant data transmission.

Responsiveness: Make sure that your smart weighing machine is responsive and doesn’t have a lag while measuring your metrics.

Features: Check out for scales that have a significant amount of informatics so that you can track your progress better.

Screen: The screen should be readable and not complicated that you get frustrated.

Body framework: Make sure the surface of the smart weighing machine is not slippery and has a sturdy base. (You don’t want to break it, just kidding!) Also, check if you sense inevitable electric shocks.

Speed and Accuracy: This is an important feature you should look out for. Make sure you buy a scale with good specs.

Third-party Integration: Third-party apps allow more features and modifications suited to your needs. Also, you should be able to have full control over your information.

Reviews: Better the reviews, better your smart weighing scale. Make sure to read Smart weighing scale reviews like this article before you purchase.

Warranty: Last but not least, get your device protected with warranty.

You can also choose one of the Best Digital Weighing Machines if you are looking for a weighing scale in the mid-price segment.

Over to you

Now, I hope you have found some clarity on buying the right type of smart weighing scale. I have tried my best to write on the best smart weighing scales.

Before you buy a smart weighing scale, make sure to read the features and specifications properly. Also, please do drop in other suggestions about the different trending scales in the comments box given below!

See you on another day, with another post! That’s all for now!

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