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BestWeighingScales was founded by Richa Agrawal, a Physician Assistant, and a Fitness Enthusiast.

Richa Agrawal has experience of 10+ years in Health Care, which comes in handy while writing great articles on Health Devices such as BP Monitor, Glucometers, and Weighing Scales.

Editorial Guidelines

Before sharing a review of any product, Richa personally tests multiple products available on E-commerce websites. We only review products from E-commerce websites because our readers can purchase from anywhere in India.

We get international visitors as well, which also find the information helpful.

Only the best products make to our Reviews!

About Richa Agrawal – Editor in Chief

Richa Agrawal Portrait

Richa Agrawal is a Physician Assitant and a Fitness Coach. She has 12+ years of experience in Health and Fitness. She graduated from Albany Medical College, Albany, New York. She worked as a Physician Assistant for 2 Years. She is a Fitness Enthusiast too. At the same time, she was learning from Gabriel M., who trains NFL, MLB, and College Level Athletes.

Then she returned to India, started working in a hospital in Chandigarh, and became a Fitness Coach. Richa has over 10 years of Experience in Yoga, Plyometrics, Group Fitness. Over 12 years, she has Educated over 1000 clients with the Correct Training Program based on their specific goals and needs.

Why was this website started?

My patients often asked me questions such as the Best Glucometer or the Best BP Monitor in India? I found that most of the reviews were not published by experts in the field.

So, I thought, why not start a blog and share my expertise with the world? BestWeighingScales was born with my commitment to share well-researched articles.

How does this Website make Money to Survive?

BestWeighingScales uses Amazon Affiliate Program to generate revenue. We earn a little commission from Amazon if our readers make a purchase on Amazon. Amazon does not increase the price of products to pay us a cut, the price for our readers stays the same.

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